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Reusable Pet Pee Pads (Gray 2 Pack 34" x 36")
Reusable Pet Pee Pads (Gray 2 Pack 34" x 36")
Reusable Pet Pee Pads (Gray 2 Pack 34" x 36")
Reusable Pet Pee Pads (Gray 2 Pack 34" x 36")
Reusable Pet Pee Pads (Gray 2 Pack 34" x 36")
Reusable Pet Pee Pads (Gray 2 Pack 34" x 36")
Reusable Pet Pee Pads (Gray 2 Pack 34" x 36")
Reusable Pet Pee Pads (Gray 2 Pack 34" x 36")
Reusable Pet Pee Pads (Gray 2 Pack 34" x 36")

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Reusable Pet Pee Pads (Gray 2 Pack 34" x 36")

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NALALAS quilted non-slip reusable pet potty pads are 100% absorbent and leakproof. Designed as a waterproof pad to complement any room decor to look its best. Our trendy washable pee pads protect your home from accidents occuring in your pet playpens, crates, kennels, on the floor, furniture, cars, and more. 

Easy to clean. Our washable pet potty pads are machine washable. For proper care & to get the longest life out of our pet pads, machine wash with detergent and lay flat to air dry.


  • 34" x 36"
  • Ultra absorbent
  • Leak proof
  • Odor control
  • Non-slip backing 
  • Quilted to lock in moisture
  • Waterproof
  • Breathable
  • Reinforced seams
  • Long lasting

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These pads are a godsend. They absorb well while minimizing odor and don't move thanks to the gripped bottom. I usually have to look or lean close to see if my pup's had an accident. Simply wash and air-dry. The bonus is that they're nicer looking and more eco-friendly than disposables.

Our corgi puppy wouldn't use those blue disposable pads. She would chew them up. Once we placed this new pad in the same place she used to have accidents on the laminate, she started using it. It's very absorbable and stylish (the pattern).

I can't speak to any functional features b/c my puppy actually has not peed on it...lol. But if she does, I am prepared. I'll be honest...I got this b/c it looked the best and I wanted a more attractive pad in my living room and/or my home office. I do wish there were more sizes b/c I did have to buy the 4 pack per pen enclosure b/c one side or the other was just a little short. Generally low maintenance. I use a hand vacuum twice a week and launder it once a week.

I purchased washable/ reusable pads because of my geriatric dog. He will go to specific spots in home when his tummy bothers him and the end result is a stinky mess to clean if you don’t catch him fast enough to go outside. I tried other pads before which worked, but difficult to lay flat because they were too thin. This is easy to place and much thicker. Similar to a chuck pad. I liked them so much, I’ve bought several to keep at all outside doors to use as doormats. Great for absorbency and easy to wash.

Our puppy area is in our main room, so it’s nice that these are cute and make their area prettier!

Kinda hate the bones and paws on everything. These are neutral. Quality! Used at my mom's when we can't travel with potty. No leak. Good size. Happy!

this work really well will be ordering more

I got this for my senior dog because the disposable pee pads were uncomfortable for her, and they would move. I'm sure glad I got them! Bitsy (my old dog) is way more comfortable in these. It's no problem changing them, and you can throw them in the washer. I'm happy I got these, so my senior dog can be a little more comfortable in her old age.

These pads are very good quality, they stay in place and lay flat with good absorbency. I was surprised how nice they were were and wash beautifully and are good looking. You can use them for any area pets lay or you want something on the ground or car. They deserve credit for this product they did a great job! Thank you!

Bought these for my cat who sometimes misses the litter box and they work wonderfully. The wash up good and keep the mess contained.

I like the multi pack as I can have some down and wash up others as I need them. They are easy to use and wash up great!

We use them in the bottom of the playpen. We actually have foam mat puzzle pieces, a layer with a larger rewashable pad, and then covered with the smaller pads. We have two puppies that are just learning to use the disposal pads. These are more for accidents and that way we can change them out easily. They've been wash alot and hold up really well. I add vinegar to the Fabric softener compartment and it completely takes away the urine odor. We have some larger ones that are a different brand. They do not hold up as well with multiple washes. These are my favorite, although I do wish they were larger for my purposes. For an actual pee pad they are probably the perfect size.

I LOVE these washable pads so much! I use them to provide my bunnies with traction in their pens and they work fantastically while also being stylish and aesthetically pleasing! I bought the 6 pack gray ones, and loved them so much that I bought another pack of 6. I definitely plan on purchasing more in the future too!! They are great quality, very absorbent, and are thick enough that they don't fold up or slide around too much, which is perfect for my bunnies to do their binkies (jumps in the air when they are happy!!) and zoomies on! I have noticed a slight smell when you first take them out of the package but it wears off within a few hours. I have washed and air dried them once so far. They came out looking good as new, but we will see how they hold up over time. They are also fairly easy to sweep up bunny messes (hay and poo) off of so that is an extra bonus! I have been searching for a good quality washable pee pad for a while to use for our bunnies and it can be hard to find one online from just looking at pictures, so I am very pleased that these turned out to be exactly what I needed! It is also nice that they aren't dog themed so they fit into my bunny space even better without looking like a dog pee pad, which I love. I highly recommend these if you are looking for a quality, stylish pad!

These work great. Large size!

I have been wasting so much money on puppy pads. My dog still has accidents and is not fully potty trained. Having the option to wash puppy pads is cost effective and a time saver! I wish I would have gotten these from the beginning it would've saved a lot of time and headaches

I have these on my elderly dog's beds and they are so helpful. They look very nice too. They are softer than I assumed they would be, like thick blankets.

Tengo un cachorro de 2 meses, lo uso durante 5 días y fue excelente la absorción además muy fácil de lavarlo!

These will not disappoint! I have nine personal dogs and I foster 2 to 3 puppies every few months. These have been a lifesaver in keeping my floors clean and helping to train my fosters where and how to use a potty pad. These aren’t your normal potty pads these have style in class so when guests come over your house looks well put together without a bunch of pee pants all over the house. I washed them in cool water and I line them dry and they have maintained their shape and I have had no issues with any fraying. I’m considering buying a 2nd set just to have some in each room.

I got these for my son and dil. The cat they rescued was pregnant and these worked wonderfully for her birth and also for the kittens as they learn to potty train.




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