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Black 3-1 Dog Water Bottle
Black 3-1 Dog Water Bottle
Black 3-1 Dog Water Bottle
Black 3-1 Dog Water Bottle
Black 3-1 Dog Water Bottle
Black 3-1 Dog Water Bottle
Black 3-1 Dog Water Bottle
Black 3-1 Dog Water Bottle

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Black 3-1 Dog Water Bottle

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NALALAS 3-1 Dog Water Bottle has 2 detachable bases, great to be used as a dog water bowl and for storing dog snacks and treats on you daily walk, hikes, camping, and on the go. Our durable stainless steel dog water bottle has a vacuum seal with an insulated 24-hour temperature lock, great for hot or cold liquids.

A bottle for the whole family. Great on the go water bottle to store dog treats, snacks, vitamins, protein powder, car keys, AirPods, and more! 


  • 32 oz stainless steel
  • 2 removable bases
  • Thermos Cup
  • Hot or cold liquids
  • BPA free and eco-friendly
  • Stylish

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I love my canister color, shape and sturdiness. I dropped it on a long hike. It rolled down a steep hill, hitting a rock. No dents or seepage on my water canister. Love it

Very practical. I use separate compartments for extras like sugar , medication, oatmeal, and even my keys when I go to the gym.

These were given as gifts for people traveling with their pets at the holidays. I received a big thank u from the recipients stating how awesome these bottles were for their travel and their ease of use.

Wow, what a good idea. I can’t believe no one thought of this before! I keep it in my dogs to go bag with food and water ready to go and it’s saved us a few times when we run out and stayed out longer than expected. Great quality and great value.

So far so good, haven't had it long but have checked the water seal and it held up just fine. I wish it could hold a little more than 1/2 a cup of kibble for longer trips but it's still very useful.

Seriously amazing! From the kids to dogs.. multiple options for snacks and keeps me hydrated all day! This is a must purchase! Multi-use at its finest.

I’m so glad I came across this 3-1 dog water bottle. Not only is it the perfect size, but it’s incredibly functional. Very high quality and seems like it should be double the price. The lid becomes a thermos cup and the two removable bases are leakproof and great as a dog bowl and storing treats. I also use it for holding my AirPods and car keys. I don’t usually leave reviews, but HIGHLY recommend this one!

I didn’t realize how many convenient pieces there were to this water bottle it’s so perfect for a hike or walk. There’s even a slot to store your dog treats in addition to the dog bowl! 100% recommend this to anyone.

Sturdy, cute and definitely going to be an everyday item. Packaging was super cute too and delivered within a couple days of ordering. Highly recommend!

Awesome product. Not only does it have a bowl for water and a bowl to put treats in, but there’s a cup for me to drink out of 🤗

What a great product! Will be buying more for myself and as gifts!

I absolutely love this! Best thing I've gotten for my dog! It is so convenient to have water and dishes combined. I keep it in my car so I always have it when I go out with my dog, or take him visiting. I have a small dog, so I just store food in the top dish and its plenty for him. Unlike other designs, the water in the canister is not contaminated, so I could drink it myself if I needed to, and it has a cup feature for that. Just be sure when you unscrew the lid that you don't loosen the cup; then it will leak. It is really high quality and I couldn't be happier! Highly recommend this!

I love all the snack space, insulation, and water bowl. I will admit, it is a little chunky. I only bust this water bottle out for overnight or hiking trips. (I have a plastic dog water bottle for shorter dog walks.)

When I say it looks better than most human water bottles, I’m not joking. When I first received the water bottle, I thought it was a mistake and was sent the wrong item. After looking at it more carefully, I saw that I was the one that made the mistake. The construction of the bottle is very high quality. The bottom most compartment is slightly smaller than the middle compartment in appearance. Initially, the mid compartment looks to be deeper and slightly wider, but after trying to fill each compartment with the same amount of dog food, I found that the bottom one holds a bit more than the mid one. It looks like the reason for the discrepancy is due to the way the top compartment attaches to the mid. The mid section is deeper because it needs to accommodate the top section. The top section protrudes down into the mid section more so than the mid and lower sections. The top section has two places where it can open. It opens like an ordinary bottle at the very top. The cap is also attached to the bottle even when it’s opened. About 2-3 inches down, you can also detach it from the bottle. After removing that, it can be used as a cup. The insulated section, which is the top section, does seem to keep its temperature whether it’s hot or cold. Overall, I am very pleased with the purchase and so is my dog.

This water bottle is very sturdy. I like that the cap unscrews, but stays connected, for easy pouring and drinking or you can remove the top for use as a cup. The bottom can store enough for a snack for you or your pet when away from home. The second dish can't store anything because the bottle bottom rests in it. Well, maybe a few small dog treats, but not much. It really does feel well constructed.

I think its safe to say that whoever designed this water bottle has at least one, and possibly two small dogs that get to go "bye-bye" regularly. This bottle/dish combination is a bull's eye for road trips with small dogs. The canister holds more water than I expected, which was a pleasant surprise and when you're dealing with 2 entitled terriers (a Highland & a Westie) having two dishes is a godsend! The dishes are 4" in diameter and approx 1.5" deep, which is sufficient for smaller dogs, but unfortunately, not really big enough for a medium or large sized dog. The unit is well built and will definately survive the rigors of the road. Great to have a designated water bottle for the pups when they're riding shotgun.

I love this bottle! It has 2 detachable bowls at the bottom, the top can be used as a cup, or just unscrew the very top part and use to pour or drink right from the bottle. It seems to hold cold, or heat really well, as described. I like to two bowls! If using for my dog, I can use one for food, one for water. Or, if I am using it for soup, it gives me an option to share! Or it is just handy to have two bowls attached to it for just the convenience of not having to pack bowls! All in all, I really like it!

I really love this bottle! My girlfriend and i like to take our dog and throw down a blanket somewhere when it's nice out. Of course he likes to drink water and is always trying to drink out of our bottles. He also gets a little hungry after a big hike. Now he has his own bottle with built in bowls! He's a big boy (106 pounds), so the bowls on the bottle are very tiny for him, but i can still pack him a little snack and can just refill the water bowl as needed. I put some ice in the bottle and the insulation is good enough to keep it cold for as long as we're out. This is really a super cool idea to have the bowls that screw on to the bottle.

This was a great item to add to my things I take on a walk. My puppy and I get lost in time so we are sometimes looks for water to help him out on those hot days. This is perfect for those walks in the summer time. doesnt leak while I am walking with it. Seems really durable.

This is a well-designed and beautifully-made combination water bottle for your pet pooch. The top and main portion of the water bottle keeps water cold and does not leak (as did another of my pet's water bottles). The bottom two segments of the bottle screw off. One is a dish for the water, and the other is a food dish. You can fill the bottle with water and the bottom compartment with food, and then set off for a day's outing, carrying everything you need for your pet's meal all in one handy canteen. This is just perfect for a small dog. For a larger dog, you might want to carry some more food as the food dish is likely too small. For my 15-pounder, the food dish is sized just right.




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